Good Stuff Tissue Oils

No one knows Skin-Loving Goodness as we do! With a unique blend of Natural Oils, fabulous fragrances & easily absorbed formulations, our Tissue Oils help with the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dehydrated skin & uneven skin tone. No wonder they are being talked about as Skincare Saviours…

“This oil changed my life 🤞🏾 I purchased it due to an underarm irritation I had as a result of shaving. My armpits were sore & felt like they were on fire 🔥 I had originally planned to go for one of the well known brands, but then I decided to give Bee Natural Tissue Oil a try. When I woke up the following morning the irritation had reduced & so had the discomfort. By the next day it was completely gone. I’m really impressed by this product & it smells soooooo good 😁~ Nosipho M

     Bee Natural Tissue Oil     Exxtra Care & Repair Tissue Oil